nedjelja, 21. rujna 2008.


Our lifestyles have changed dramatically. With ever-increasing advances in technology we have become physically less active. The most prevalent diseases we suffer from today, i.e. heart disease, stroke, cancer, are related to our lifestyles, of which physical activity is a major part. Physical activity should be part of our daily and weekly routine. It is as essential as sleep and nourishment. Although many of us know that exercising will reduce the risk of disease and illness, the thought of exercise can still be overwhelming. Myths that contribute to an inactive lifestyle are that exercise has to be difficult, it has to hurt and you have to do lots of it to be beneficial. These are all false. Exercise is about enjoying a physically active lifestyle (e.g. walking or cycling to the shops rather than driving) that includes increasing your heart rate (such as brisk walking) a few times a week.

This page aims to help you become physically active by telling you of the numerous ways in which you will feel the benefits of exercise, by increasing your understanding about exercise, giving you guidance on how to exercise, and to offer tips on how to start exercising and to stay motivated.

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